Italy, get ready!

February 3, 2018 – 9 pm Istante Folk

at SpazioSeme, via del Pantano 36, Arezzo (IT)

Ceilidh Evening

in collaboration with Semillita Atelier

More info here:

February 17, 2018 – 9pm Istante Classical in Florence

at Sala Capitolare della chiesa di Santa Felicita, Piazza Santa Felicita 3, Firenze (IT)

in collaboration with KOF (Konzert Opera Florence)

tickets: EUR 15 – 12 (abbonati associazione), EUR 10 (over 65 and under 14), EUR 5 studenti 

Advance Tickets:

February 18, 2018 – 6pm Istante Classical in Prato

at Ex Chiesa di San Giovanni, Via San Giovanni 9, Prato (IT)

in collaboration with Ex Chiesa di San Giovanni

tickets: EUR 10 + d.p.

Advance Tickets:

February 20, 2018 – 9.45pm Istante Classical  in Arezzo

at Circolo Arci Aurora , Piazza Sant’Agostino, Arezzo (IT)

part of ClassicAurora2018


Thank you, BREMF!

Here’s a nice little video summary of what we and our friends from the Young Artist Scheme have been up to last weekend:
We really enjoyed ourselves, as you can easily see… 😉

Istante at Brighton Early Music Festival

Hello lovely people!!

Catch us today at the Brighton Early Music Festival!

The first opportunity is a showcase at St Paul’s Parish Church where we will be performing extracts from our programme Shifting Identities.

Later you have the chance to get to know our folky side at the pub gig with our programme Cimarosa’s Travels, featuring singing and accordion!!!!

For more info about the concerts and venues go to our CONCERTS page.


Three BBQs,
Three Bands,
Three Summer Nights
This summer, Baroquestock brings together home-cooked food with soul-lifting music from the past three centuries. As well as our own band, we’ve invited two world-class ensembles who are, like us, passionate about playing music on original instruments, and like having BBQs.
We start with perhaps the greatest innovator of modern music, Arnold Schoenberg, and his masterpiece Transfigured Night, written in 1899. And Schoenburgers.
We then rewind a couple of centuries or so and gather round for an evening of trio sonatas and smoked pork shoulder buns. Our grand finale features one of Haydn’s more quirky symphonies nicknamed ‘La Poule’. Accompanied by the Happy Haydn Chicken Meal, it will deliver delicious BBQ’d chicken+salads on a new level. A feast for the senses.
You’re a veggie? Don’t worry, we’ve got a non-meat BBQ too.
See options below.



17th AugustThe Night Shift: Transfigured Night 
Come hungry, grab a Schoenburger from 7.30pm
[ V The best bean burgers ]
Music from 8.30pm
Tickets: £5 Students, £10 adults (Food not included)


19th August – Trio Sonatas
by Telemann, Handel and Veracini, rounded off with Goldberg variations.
Slow smoked pork shoulder + salads
[ V Smoky courgette & aubergines ]
Food from 7.30pm
Music from 8pm
Tickets £15 (includes food)


20th August – Istante Classical 
Haydn’s Symphony No.83 ‘The Chicken’
+ Wranitsky Sextet & Divertimento
Fill your own BBQ chicken & salad box
[ V Grilled halloumi w/BBQ’d corn cobs ]
Food from 5.30pm
Music from 6pm
Tickets £15 (includes food)

Lunchtime Concert June 13!!

No rest for the wicked! After our concert on June 7 at St Stephen’s Festival we will play a lunchtime concert at our lovely home, the Heath Street Baptist Church in Hampstead on June 13 at 1pm.

You will hear some Monteverdi (because it’s his 450th anniversary!!!!!), Telemann (because it’s his 250th anniversary, yaaaayyy!!!) and Bach (because it’s Bach, you know…). Come, come!



Istante at St Stephen’s Festival!

Baroquestock is hardly over and we’re already up to new adventures… We’re very happy to have been invited back to St Stephen’s Festival!!

Join us there for a programme of all-time favourites of the baroque repertoire!

June 7, 2017 – 7.30pm
Venue: St Stephen’s Church, Gloucester Road, London SW7 4RL

Vivaldi Concerto for Strings in g minor, RV157
Bach Double Concerto for Violin and Oboe, BWV 1060
Vivaldi 4 Seasons

Soloists: Christiane Eidsten-Dahl, Beatrice Scaldini, Claudia Norz and Nicola Barbagli

introducing BAROQUESTOCK

Catch us at the ecclectic BAROQUESTOCK feastival of early(ish) musick and food!!

We’re doing an impressive seven concerts in seven days! Here you go….

1. BeerBratwurstBach Round 1

April 23, 2017 – 6pm
Venue: Heath Street Baptist Church, London NW3 1DP

Zelenka Hypocondrie à 7 concertanti
J.S.Bach Suite No.2

~ Beer and BBQ ~

J.S.Bach Brandenburg 5
Telemann Hamburger Ebb’ und Fluth (Water music)
£10 / £8 students (£12.50 on the door)

2. Istante Ensemble conducted by Joel Sandelson

April 27, 2017 – 7.30pm
Venue: Heath Street Baptist Church, London NW3 1DP

L. Boccherini Sinfonia in A major op.37 n.4
W.A.Mozart “E Susanna non vien..Dove sono i bei momenti” , recitativo acocmpagnato and aria form Don Giovanni

J. Haydn “Infelice sventurata” HobXXIVb:15 wirtten as an insert of Cimarosa’s “I due supposti conti”
W.A. Mozart Sinfonia in A major n.29 Kv299
£10 / £8 students (£12.50 on the door)

3. Pancakes and freshly brewed coffee with Haydn

April 29, 2017 – 10.30am
Venue: Heath Street Baptist Church, London NW3 1DP

Haydn Quartet op.76 n.3 “Sunrise”
Haydn Symphony No.6 Le Matin
£10.00 including breakfast

4. Lunch with Haydn

April 29, 2017 – 1pm
Venue: Heath Street Baptist Church, London NW3 1DP

K. Stamitz Quartet for violin oboe, viola, cello op.8 n.4
J. Haydn Symphony No.7 ‘Le Midi’
£10.00 including lunch

5. Dinner at the Esterhazy’s

April 29, 2017 – 7.30pm
Venue: Heath Street Baptist Church, London NW3 1DP

M. Haydn Divertimento for violin, viola, oboe, bassoon & double bass
J. Haydn Symphony No.8 ‘Le Soir
£15.00 including dinner

6. Sunday Service w/Cantata

April 30, 2017 – 11am
Venue: Heath Street Baptist Church, London NW3 1DP

Instante Ensemble directed by Maggie Faultless with guest harpsichordist Christopher Bucknall

Bach Cantata BWV 112 “Der Herr Mein Getreuer Hirt”

7. BeerBratwurstBach Round 2

April 30, 2017 – 7.30pm
Venue: Heath Street Baptist Church, London NW3 1DP

Bach Brandeburg 1
Telemann Concerto for 4 violins G major

~ Beer and BBQ ~

Telemann Concerto for 3 violins 3 oboes and continuo
Bach Cantata BWV112 “Der Herr Mein Getreuer Hirt”
£10 / £8 students (£12.50 on the door)